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Your business-partner in Italy

INTRODUCTION                                                                            "If you think that competency is expensive, try incompetence - it will cost you much more expensive"

Johan Stael von Holstein

The growing demand on the part of companies and businessmen of Russian Federation, now interested not only in delivering of products “Made in Italy”, but in acquisition of Italian technologies and know-how in various branches of industry, establishes the promising basis for bilateral development of business and new forms of business cooperation of our countries.

From the other side for the last years the quality of products in several sectors of industry in ex-USSR countries without any doubt has reached the level corresponding to the international branch standards, that makes it popular and top-requested in Italy and in other countries of Europe. Instances are numerous:  products of wood-working, agricultural, food processing industries, industrial components and etc.

Along with it, the fact of existence of unfortunate gaps is clear under conditions of no lack supply and demand. There are many reasons: a low target language level of companions, poor-developed professional intermediary service network in these countries, often of unsatisfactory quality, or ignorance of procedures of supply chain management, that is opposed to Italian proven model of governance, and so on.

Set out aspects even more valorise solid experience of professionals in the field of Supply Chain Management.


Each of our specialists will become a part of your company for the purposes of project realization on a turnkey basis. Only in this case, you’ll be sure that adopted strategy “works” for you.

Everyone taking part in our projects, whether it’s customer or fellow applicant from any country or company, is considering to be an important component in successful completion of project: there are no business rivals, but only unified team, which cooperates and shares experience, information and skills, thus giving the opportunity for professional growth for all participants.

Our Ethics is an essential part of our philosophy and principals of work.

We believe in the team and team working. This is the ticket to success.