Supply Chain Management

SUPPLIERS - Search and selection

When selecting suppliers or supply channels for specific products:

  • SALKHO will make a PRIMARY selection of suppliers and supplies; at this stage of the search, we’ll select suppliers that reflect the required characteristics. All information will be transferred to the Customer, who will continue negotiations with the Supplier-(s) right up to the signing of the contract (if there are prerequisites) and the start of deliveries.
  • Appointment of the person in charge for the entire duration of the project - visits to the Suppliers, which will be agreed with the Customer as required.

SUPPLIERS - Supply Chain Management

  • Develop an optimal strategy for creating a Supply Chain or its individual links.
  • Search and selection of suppliers and supplies.
  • Organization and management of purchases and contact with suppliers.
  • Selection of new suppliers and contact with current suppliers, organization and harmonization of procurement procedures.
  • Developing procurement strategies, negotiating with suppliers, collecting and processing data, reporting.
  • The functions of the PROCUREMENT will be performed on behalf and upon authorization of business customer.

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